Security in government

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qinetiq australia

QinetiQ Australia’s people are former Agency Security Advisors, risk assessors and auditors, and are well equipped to provide advice and support to their Government customers around protective security. QinetiQ Australia attended a Security in Government conference in 2014 with a goal to promote its services. The 2014 conference theme was The Key To Your Protective Security.

Two concepts were put together for this project: A padlock and a safe, and presented to the internal client. The padlock concept was seen as a better symbol of protective security, and a more sophisticated creative solution to the design challenge. The keyhole diecut and the silver-coloured skeleton key USB giveaway further emphasised the idea of being secure and being able to “unlock” the content inside. The USB contains a digital version of the printed brochure. Both the USB and the printed version were given away to delegates at the conference, and were well received.

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